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DIY Raised Garden Bed for Under $40

Build this DIY raised garden bed in an afternoon for less than $40. This bed uses common construction lumber and corrugated roofing for a rot-resistant, durable bed that is as easy to use as it is to build.

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Bird Feeder

Create a backyard haven for birds by building your own bird feeder. You can make this one from a single cedar board and a small sheet of clear polycarbonate plastic. The lid lifts off for easy refilling.

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Charleston Crafted
Charleston Crafted

Sean and Morgan McBride run Charleston Crafted where their goal is to empower you to try DIY and turn your home into your dream home. They strive to create beautiful projects and home decor ideas that you can replicate in your home. Their goal is to show you easy ways to make a huge impact on your home, even if you aren’t a trained pro. Using Kreg products really helps make that happen. They create projects that are easy to replicate and usually use approachable joinery solutions, like pocket holes. Crafting their dream home is their passion and they love sharing the journey with their readers as you evolve as DIYers together!

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