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Wall-Mounted Mail and Key Rack

Need a place to keep your mail and keys? Make this wall-mounted mail and key rack with a unique and modern look. It is a beginner-friendly woodworking project using pocket hole joinery.

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Shop Pegboard Cabinet Build Plans

Organize and keep all your favorite Kreg Tools in reach with this handy pegboard storage cabinet. The simple to build cabinet has shelves to organize your most used screws on the bottom and a pegboard back for organizing your tools above.

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Matthew Peech
Matthew Peech

Hey! I’m Matthew Peech. Owner and creator of Matthew Peech Woodworking and DIY.

I guess you could say I’ve been a “builder and maker” from the start…I was that kid that would ask Santa for lumber and tools instead of toys…The kid that loved the outdoors so much that I had to be made to come inside. That passion grew along with me…and now my goal is to share it with the world by creating content to learn from, motivate, and simply let people know…”You’ve got this!”

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