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DIY Slatted Christmas Tree Collar

This DIY slatted wood tree collar will give your Christmas tree a modern look as you celebrate the holidays! These plans will help you build a tree collar to impress your friends and family all season!

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DIY Hanging Christmas Card Holder

This DIY hanging Christmas card holder is great for hanging over the door and displaying all the cards you get each year. Use scrap 1/2" or 3/4" plywood, or rip a single 8' board down and that's all you need. Check out our simple tutorial!

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Shop Nation
Shop Nation

Travis is in the perpetual pursuit of what he calls “Shop Greatness” and creates projects, plans, and products to help the average maker/woodworker/DIYer do the same.  An efficient, well laid out shop means that we get to do more of what we love and less of looking for what we need.  Everyone’s journey is different but the universal truth is that we don’t get there without first being intentional!  Travis has been an avid user of Kreg products well before YouTube and continues to use Kreg tools because they just plain work.  If you need some Shop Greatness in your life – follow along!

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