Add some quick storage to the super popular Kreg Precision Router Table System-PRS1045! This plan features one deep drawer for storage and Wall Control Metal Pegboard on the left and right sides to store all your bits, wrenches & accessories!


Difficulty moderate


Wood Products

  • 1 Plywood , 3/4" Thick , Full Sheet

Hardware & Supplies

  • 1 18" drawer slides

Cut List & Parts

  • 1 Bottom Piece , 27 5/8" x 19 5/8 x 3/4"


  • Complete Cut List

    Use the cut-list to break down 3/4" plywood to the specified dimensions. Use a circular/track saw to cut your pieces down to manageable pieces then cut to final size on the table saw.

  • Drill Pocket Holes

    Drill pocket holes where ever necessary, this will help speed up the assembly.

  • Assemble Cabinet

    Attach the Back Piece to the Bottom Piece using 1 1/4" pocket screws. Make sure the joints are square during assembly.

  • Add Dividers

    Attach the Dividers to the bottom & back pieces using using the Right Top and Center Dividers as spacers and using 1 1/4" pocket screws. Make sure the joints are square during assembly.

  • Finish Carcass

    Add the Top Right Piece, Left Front and Top Pieces to the carcass using 1 1/4" pocket screws. Make sure the joints are square during assembly.

  • Drop in Carcass

    Flip your router table upside down and your carcass and drop it into your Kreg Router Table Base. You will need to remove the bottom pieces of the frame to do so. Once the Cabinet Carcass is dropped in you can reassemble the bottom frame of the base.

  • Attach Drawer/Door Fronts

    Attach your Door using 1/2" overlay hinges. Attach your Drawer front using screws from the back of the drawer.

  • Wall Control time!

    Secure your wall control panels to the sides of the router table and organize your router accessories to your needs!

  • Add Dust Port

    Add a 2 1/2" dust port to the back piece close slightly above the Center Divider.

  • Add Kreg Switch

    Add your safety switch to the opening on the right side of your router table.

  • Ready to Go!

    Attach your top and you are ready to go! You now have super convenient storage for all your bits, wrenches and accessories!

  • Make some drawers!

    Start by making a 1/4" dado starting from 1/2" from the bottom of your two sides and front.

  • Assemble Drawer sides

    Attach your drawer Front and Back to your Sides using 1 1/4" pocket screws making sure the drawer is square.

  • Add Drawer Bottom

    Slide the Drawer Bottom though the groves until it stops at the front of the piece. Secure the Drawer Bottom to the Back piece using a couple screws.

  • Attach Drawer Slides

    Attach your drawer slide to the drawer and to the sides of the opening where it will be installed. Once they are installed push in the drawer and check for fitment. Make adjustments if necessary.

  • More Info

    Check out this link for more info: http://bit.ly/RouterTableIG