A DIY Modern Wall-Mounted Coat Rack. The sleek design is perfect for an entryway, bedroom, or mudroom!

Difficulty easy


Kreg Tools

Other Tools

  • Miter Saw
    Miter Saw
  • Table Saw
    Table Saw
  • Tape Measure
    Tape Measure
  • Drill (cordless)
    Drill (cordless)
  • Sander


Wood Products

  • 1 Board , 2x6 , 24"

Hardware & Supplies

  • 20 "S-hooks"

Cut List & Parts

  • 1 Coat Rack , 2 3/4" x 1 1/4" x 2'


  • Cut 2x6 to length

    Cut your 2x6 down to 24" in length

  • Drill face holes

    Using your shelf pin jig (set on the larger offset width), drill your holes along the face of the 2x6

  • Cut 2x6 to width

    Cut the 2x6 down from 5 1/2" wide to 2 3/4" wide. You will want to ensure your holes are 1/2" from the bottom of the board (when determining the orientation of your cut).

  • Drill Bottom Holes

    Using your shelf pin jig drill the holes along the bottom of the board (you will need to ensure the shelf pin jig is set to its smallest offset setting)

  • Ream holes

    in order to get your S hooks to hook into the board you may need to slight ream the holes larger using your drill bit (make the holes slightly larger in the up/down direction).

  • Sand and test fit

    Sand your board and ensure all the holes allow the "S-Hooks" to fit properly.

  • Stain / Finish board

    Once you are happy with the sanded finish you can stain/varnish or paint your hanger. We used an ebony by Rust-Oleum/Varathane stain on our hanger.

  • Mount to wall

    We used key holes in the back of the board to mount it to the wall. But you can directly screw or use hangers from the hardware store to mount to the wall.