This wooden vase holder is a simple woodworking project (great for beginners!) and a fun decorative accent to any home.

Difficulty easy


Wood Products

  • 1 Pine Board , 1x4x6

Hardware & Supplies

  • 1 Paint or stain
  • 5 1 3/4" Cylindrical Vases

Cut List & Parts

  • 1 Top , 22" long
  • 2 Sides , 5" long


  • Cut Your Wood

    Cut your 1x4 board to the following dimensions
    (1) at 22” long
    (2) at 5” long

  • Drill Pocket Holes

    Use the Kreg Jig 520PRO to drill 2 pocket holes at one end of each of your 5” long boards.

  • Drill Holes for Vases

    Use a 2” Hole Saw Bit to drill holes along your 22” long board. First, measure and mark your center point. Drill your hole. From there, measure and mark so that the center of each hole is 4” apart (the outer edge of each hole should be 2” apart).

  • Sand

    Sand your boards and use a small sanding block or sheet of sandpaper to smooth out the edges and insides of each hole.

  • Attach End Pieces

    Use 1 ¼” pocket hole screws to attach the 5” long end pieces to your 22” long board.

  • Paint or Stain

    Finish your vase holder however you choose. For this one, I used a Provincial stain.

  • Insert Vases and Add Flowers

    Add whatever flowers or greenery you choose and enjoy your new decor piece!