This plan walks you through how to make a rustic wood American flag.

Difficulty moderate


Kreg Tools

Other Tools

  • Wood clamps
    Wood clamps
  • Orbit sander
    Orbit sander
  • Hammer
  • Hand saw
    Hand saw
  • Star screwdriver
    Star screwdriver
  • Propane torch
    Propane torch
  • Star stencil (10.5” x 14.8”)
    Star stencil (10.5” x 14.8”)
  • Foam applicator (for poly)
    Foam applicator (for poly)


Wood Products

  • 5 Boards , 1x2x10
  • 1 Board , 1x3x10

Hardware & Supplies

  • 1 Wood glue
  • 1 Box 1" nails
  • 1 Box 1 1/4" Kreg screws (see tool list)
  • 2 1/2" screws with washers
  • 1 Hanging cord
  • 3 Cans of spray paint (red/white/blue)
  • 1 Painters tape or masking tape
  • 1 Polyurethane

Cut List & Parts

  • 13 36" pieces (1x2 wood) , 36" x 1" x 2"
  • 2 18” pieces (1x2 wood) , 18" x 1" x 2"
  • 2 36” pieces (1x3 wood, 45 degree angle) , 36" x 1" x 3"
  • 2 19.5” pieces (1x3 wood,45 angle) , 19.5" x 1" x 3"


  • Cut 1x2s

    Start by cutting your 1x2s down to 36" (13 pieces). Cut 2 18" pieces from the leftover wood.

  • Organize wood strips

    Lay your 36” strips of wood on a flat table or wood clamps and organize them however you like. I like to keep the knots on the stripes that will be painted.

  • Glue up

    Glue your strips of wood together and clamp them down. Allow it to dry for at least an hour.

  • Add pocket holes

    Take the clamps off and flip the board over. Take your pocket-hole jig and add 4 pocket holes on the top and bottom and 3 on each side. Space them out evenly.

  • Glue brackets

    Take your 18” strips/brackets and glue one to each side of the flag. Make sure you don’t cover the pocket holes.

  • Nail brackets

    Add nails to the 18” brackets (1 nail in each strip, 13 total).

  • Sand front of flag

    Turn the board back over and sand first with 80 grit and finish with 220 grit.

  • Add stars with stencil

    Wipe clean and add the star stencil on the upper left corner. Tape around the stencil and add some cardboard over the board. Take the stencil back off before spraying the blue paint. Spray the blue paint and let it dry for an hour.

  • Add red stripes

    Tape up all the white stripes and the Union (star area)
    Paint your stripes red and allow the paint to dry for 1-2 hours.

  • Paint white stars

    Remove the tape and add your star stencil back to the upper left corner. Tape around the sides and put cardboard over the rest of the board. Use the white spray paint and lightly spray the stars. Let dry for 20 minutes and add another slightly heavier coat.

  • Burn "white" stripes

    Use your propane torch and burn all of the white stripes.

  • Cut 4 pieces for frame

    Take your 1x3 wood and cut 2 pieces at 36” and 2 at 19.5”. These will be cut at 45 degree angles on each side. Measure from the heel/short part of the angle.

  • Secure frame with pocket-screws

    Put the 19.5” pieces on each side and the 36” pieces on the top and bottom. Secure them to the flag by using the pocket holes from the back with 1 1/4” screws.

  • Burn frame with torch

    Use the propane torch to burn the inside/outside of the frame.

  • Add hanging cord

    Turn the board around and add your hanging cord. Cut the cord to desired size and secure it to the flag using 1/2” screws with washers.

  • Add polyurethane

    Last step is to add 1-2 coats of polyurethane.

  • Enjoy

    Enjoy your flag!