Conquer your cuts with the Adaptive Cutting System

Cut without compromise

When we created the Adaptive Cutting System, we set out to create a cutting tool that wouldn’t make any compromises.

When you’re building wood projects, you need a cutting system that can adapt to your needs, whether you’re crosscutting boards to length, ripping them to width, cutting mitered angles, or even cutting plywood sheets and large panels down to size. The Adaptive Cutting System makes it all possible, and more, by combining the advantages guided cutting with the unparalleled versatility of a Project Table that supports and positions materials precisely.


You take pride in your ability to build things with your own hands — from furniture, to home organizers, to projects for your garage and shop. If you can build it from wood, you’re ready to take it on. That’s why you need a system that can handle all your cutting needs in the plywood, hardwood, and dimensional lumber materials use. That’s why you need the Adaptive Cutting System.

Crosscut solid wood

Make perfectly square crosscuts in boards of any width, and use the integrated cutting guides to set accurate, repeatable lengths.

Break down sheets

Cut plywood, MDF, and other large panels easily and accurately, either on the Project Table, or using the Plunge Saw and Guide Track alone.

Rip boards

Cut down boards to any width, as narrow as 1″, without needing a table saw, and leave straight, smooth, splinter-free edges.

Make perfect angles

Cut angles from 0-60° using the included Miter Guide, and get perfect 45° miters easily using Versa-Stops and the precisely machined holes in the Project Table.


You know your way around tools. So you’ve felt the confidence that comes from using tools that make you feel safe. The Adaptive Cutting System is packed with safety features, like a fully-shrouded blade, an electronic brake, anti-kickback protection, and a design that keeps your hands well away from the blade (just to name a few). Add in the sturdy support of the Project Table for workpieces large or small – plus the Guide Track and cutting guides that position and securely hold everything while you cut – and you’ll be cutting with confidence.

Protect your hands

The Plunge Saw minimizes blade exposure by keeping it shrouded until you press the release and plunge the blade into your material.

Position workpieces safely

A retractable riving knife follows the blade to prevent the saw kerf from closing up and causing the blade to bind.

Support large, heavy materials

The Project Table supports boards and plywood sheets and holds them in position while you work, adding even more cutting confidence.

Eliminate kickback

When engaged, anti-kickback protection prevents the saw from moving backward on the track should the blade strike hard knot or bind.


You know that great projects start with great cuts. With the Adaptive Cutting System, you can make cuts in plywood and solid wood that are dead-on accurate and super straight, with smooth edges that are free from tear out. The Guide Track positions the high-performance Plunge Saw precisely while the system’s cutting guides and integrated measuring abilities ensure easy-to-achieve precision, so you can concentrate on your craft instead of worrying about the quality of your cuts.

Set accurate measurements

Integrated rules built in to the Project Table ensure accurate workpiece positioning for cuts from 1″ to 48″ long or wide.

Make repeat cuts

Cutting guides included with the Project Table position and support workpieces. Optional Rip-Guides and Parallel Guides bring precision when cutting off the table.

Minimize tearout

The anti-ship strip on the 62″ Guide Track and the Plunge Saw’s Splinter Guard work together to ensure smooth, splinter-free cuts.

Cut precisely

Make angles from 0-60° using the included Miter Guide, or cut perfect 45° miters easily using Versa-Stops and the precisely machined holes in the Project Table.


You’d love to have a dedicated space where all your tools could be set up and ready to go any time. But your workspace also serves other duties, and sometimes you need to take the tools to the work, rather than taking the work to the tools. The Adaptive Cutting System is portable, so you can set it up quickly and be ready to work in minutes. Then stow it away compactly when you’re using your workspace for other things.

Stow it away compactly

When folded, the Project Table stands vertically to minimize storage space requirements.

Transport it easily

Folding handles with molded grips make it easy to hold and control the Project Table while moving.

Work where you want to

Large wheels roll easily over rough surfaces, cracked concrete – even grass or dirt.

Set up quickly

When you’re ready to use the Project Table, simply drop the legs at each end and lock in the support braces.