Compare and select a circular saw cutting guide

Discover which guided cutting solution is best for you

No matter your level of experience, making freehand cuts with a circular saw can be tricky. But it’s easy to achieve accurate, consistent cuts with the help of a cutting guide. With guided cutting, your saw follows a guide – either an edge guide or a track guide – to create the precise results you’re looking for. Even better yet, these solutions are portable, so you can easily set up your saw and guide wherever you’re building.

So how can you get started with guided cutting? And what’s the difference between edge guides and track guides? We’ll break down the details of our guided cutting solutions so you can find the one that’s right for you.

Learn where each guide excels and find the right Kreg guide for your cutting needs.

Circular Saw Guide Comparison Chart



Portable Crosscut


Quick 90° and 45° crosscuts

The Kreg Portable Crosscut offers an easy and fast solution for making accurate cuts with a circular saw. Retractable cutline indicator arms help to align your saw to your pencil mark, and show exactly where the blade will cut. Anti-skid GripMaxx™ material keeps the guide in place while the saw base plate hugs the guide throughout the cut. Due to its light weight and small size, you can make accurate 90° and 45° cuts wherever and whenever you need.

This guide cuts workpieces up to 8” wide at both 90° and 45°. It also works with left- and right-hand saws.

Crosscut Station


Portable, splinter-free miter cuts and crosscuts

The Crosscut Station offers a simple and versatile solution to make accurate miter cuts with just a circular saw. It is lighter and more portable than a miter saw, allowing for more time building projects and less time setting up and storing bulky tools.

The guide rails lead your saw perfectly straight, providing accurate and consistent results. Integrated clamps and material support wings keep boards steady, allowing both hands to remain on the saw and out of harm’s way. The MDF base and SureCut™ backboard act as a sacrificial surface for splinter-free cutting, and function as a kerf line indication so you can clearly see the blade’s path when making your cut.

The Crosscut Station makes crosscuts at 90° in pieces up to 12” wide. It’s also great for making a variety of angle cuts from 0° and 90° with the adjustable fence. The guide is compatible with both left- and right-hand saws.

Straight Edge Guide


Straight cuts in sheet goods with a circular saw, jigsaw, or router

Making straight cuts can be difficult when cutting down plywood and other large material. The Kreg Straight Edge Guide offers an intuitive and approachable way to break down sheet goods. Your saw rides against the aluminum guide, allowing you to make straight and precise cuts.

Not only does it guide your saw throughout the cut, it also shows you exactly where the blade will cut. Cutline indicators make alignment to your pencil marks easy, so you can work confidently knowing you’ll make the cut exactly where you need it. A built-in clamp locks the guide in place and secures it to your material.

The Straight Edge Guide comes standard with a 48” cutting capacity, with a 24” extension available. The Straight Edge Guide XL is also available with a 96” capacity. These guides are compatible with both left- and right-hand saws, as well as jigsaws and trim routers.



Fast edge-guided cutting

Breaking down sheet goods can be cumbersome. With the edge-guided Rip-Cut, breaking down large sheets has never been easier. The Rip-Cut rides along the edge of the sheet to ensure straight, accurate, and repeatable cuts with a quick setup. There’s no need to measure and mark layout lines thanks to the edge-guided design.

This guide allows you to rip continuous lengths of plywood up to 24” wide. The Universal Sled accepts left- and right-hand saws and is also compatible with the Kreg Accu-Cut™ and Accu-Cut™ XL.



Splinter-free track-guided cuts

The Kreg Accu-Cut turns your circular saw into a precision track-saw, perfect for breaking down sheet goods with splinter free results. With the Accu-Cut, you can cut anywhere on the sheet, whether you’re crosscutting, ripping, or even making an angle cut. The included guide strips are dual-purpose: they omit the need for clamps with their anti-slip design, and they prevent tear out with an anti-chip feature.

The starting block helps you start every cut with confidence. It supports your saw and aligns it precisely to the cutline. It even allows for normal blade guard operation, so the guard stays down until the moment the saw enters the cut. The Universal Sled accepts left- and right-hand saws and is also compatible with the Kreg Rip-Cut™.

The Accu-Cut comes standard with a 50” cutting capacity, with a 50” extension available. Accu-Cut XL is also available with a 100” capacity.