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Who We Are

Connecting head, heart, and hands…every time

Many of us at Kreg are woodworkers ourselves – from newbies to seasoned professionals. That’s why we believe in the idea of connecting head, heart, and hands through building projects. From envisioning a project in your head and desiring it in your heart, your hands will do the work and guide you through the process.

For over 30 years, we have been proudly helping customers experience those benefits firsthand. We are passionate about providing tools that give you a sense of accomplishment from every project you complete. What’s more, we are there for you every step of the way to support and cheer you on throughout your building journey.

Customer Stories

We love hearing from our customers and how they use our products. Read more about some that have really moved us.

Keaton Minnick, Leon, Iowa

Keaton Minnick has been a raving fan of Kreg since he first got into woodworking during his freshman year of high school. Since that time, he has built hundreds of projects using our tools. Learn more about Keaton’s story and the impact Kreg Tool Company has had on him by watching the below video.

As an update to this video, Keaton has shifted his focus from building custom woodworking products to making deer pedestals and other wildlife displays. His go-to tools continue to be Kreg products and he is excited to add the Adaptive Cutting System to his arsenal of tools very soon.

According to Keaton, “Kreg tools give me the confidence to tackle any project and to know that I will be able to produce high-quality pieces that will last a lifetime. Knowing that I have many Kreg products at my disposal also motivates me to take on the more difficult projects that start as just an idea in my head. With a desire to create unique projects for every customer, I am confident they will be built right every time because of the Kreg products I will be using.” This is exactly what experiencing the benefits of connecting head, heart, and hands is all about!

Keaton also appreciates the simplicity of the tools. “I firmly believe you can give a Kreg product to a beginner in woodworking and by the end of the day, they will know how to use it effectively and efficiently.”

As Keaton looks to the future and the possibilities that exist for his woodworking business, he is excited. “It’s been an absolute blessing using Kreg products to grow our business and I can’t wait to see what is to come next!”

Employee Stories

Read more about how Kreg employees make the connection between head, heart, and hands.

Eric Poole – Facilities Maintenance Technician II

Early on in the COVID-19 pandemic, playgrounds and libraries closed, leaving kids with limited options of places to go to get outside of the house. As a foster parent of young children, in addition to having four children of his own, Eric knew that he needed to find a solution to this problem. Already connecting his head and heart, he put his hands to work and built a playset for the children in his backyard, using plans that he and his older son drew together. Using various Kreg products, Eric’s entire family got a sense of accomplishment by helping build a fun and safe place for the younger children to play.

Not wanting the kids to have all the fun, Eric also built an outdoor seating area that hie and his wife could enjoy while watching the younger children on the playset. Through these projects, Eric’s entire family is now able to enjoy being outside and spending time with one another. Eric also helped his older son build a jewelry box for his girlfriend. Needless to say, working on these projects has sparked an interest in building in his children that Eric hopes will continue into their adulthood.

Jason Jungst, Toolmaker and Maintenance Supervisor

It wasn’t until the last several years that Jason Jungst became more excited about woodworking. After creating a designated workspace in his basement, he soon discovered his potential and what types of projects he could build. He also discovered how he could help others and make a difference in their lives through woodworking and building.

As a couple examples, Jason has built kitchen tables for family and friends. It started with a family friend having difficulty finding a kitchen table to fit in an awkward space that would also be functional. Jason was able to design a table that fit the area and had benches that allowed them to push the table in and out depending on when it was being used. Due to this functionality, the family didn’t lose out on any space that a typical table and chairs would have occupied.

He has since built a couple other tables for additional family and friends, enacting his head, heart and hands throughout each project. Jason is proud to be able to help find and create solutions for others through woodworking. And seeing the excitement in their eyes and gratitude toward what he has done gives him a sense of accomplishment every time.

Mike Marusiak, Director of Product Management

Many of Kreg’s employees are passionate about woodworking and build projects on a regular basis. What’s even better is when employees help spark a passion for building in their children at early age by having them build with them. Mike Marusiak is one of many examples of Kreg employees involving their children in the building process.

This last spring, Mike and his son, Evan, decided that instead of buying mom a Mother’s Day gift that they would build her something instead – a tiered garden planter! After all, there’s no better gift than a homemade gift, right mom’s?

Working with his dad, Evan experienced the benefits of connecting head, heart and hands as he sketched out the look of the planter (head) wanting it to be perfect for his mom (heart), and worked hard with his dad, Mike, to bring the project to life (hands). His younger sister even got involved with a few of the steps.

Evan was ecstatic to surprise his mom with this gift that he helped build with his own two hands, providing him with a tremendous sense of accomplishment. The project connected the family and has hopefully created a woodworker for life, as Evan can’t wait to get started on the next project!